THIS BLOG is about everything writing, reading and random. I’m your average book junky, writer, editor, and American. I usually post what I’m thinking of at the moment or what’s been on my mind. It’s a just for fun blog where I give real reviews, author updates and news.

AvieTONI XEAN SHEPHERD is a small African-American teenager from Southern California. I speak only English and spend my time Photoshopping graphics, reading tall-tales, editing, eating, sleeping, and trying to further my education.

I was born on the seventh day of September in the year 1996 at Harbor UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California and grew up in Compton, California where I attended both Bursch and Bunch Elementary Schools before moving into the California Mountains in 2005.

I’m the third of six children, a middle child, and exited high school seven months after I turned fifteen. Currently, I plan to pursue a degree in psychological studies while minoring in English, though I do plan to become a legal secretary. I began writing after a long period of depression at my home here in the California Mountains and plan to outline the plot for a revolutionary dystopian series within the next five years. I truly hope to have a rough draft of what will be the first full-length novel completed by the end of 2014.

On 08-10-12, I rejoined the world’s leading literary social site after a half year absence due to personal and medical problems where I reconnected with my good friend, and fellow author, Avery Duncan. In December of 2012, I decided to put a website I had on backend to use and constructed Written Wicked Book Group. A U.S. based, Wattpad inspired, formatting and editing service with periodical minizines that I plan to continue on a semi-seasonal. The issues are currently discontinued due to medical problems.

My favourite pastime is reading. I want to travel to Europe, stop traffic in New York and skydive which something everyone should do if they can. I want to start a foundation for American children who live in homes with abusive parents. My political opinions are very differentiated and I have an uncanny urge to run for president one day. My favourite TV shows are Criminal Minds, NCIS, LAO: SVU, and Numb3rs. I’m a crime junkie who loves large men, the paranormal, and life when its not kicking me in the ass.

I proudly support amateur writers and authors and am an on-hiatus interracial romance author who wishes for the relationships I write about while bashing those in real life. I still haven’t found the right one to give myself to and am in no rush. While age is catching up with me, I remain single and arguing with as many men as I dream about.

I live in the Pacific Southwest with my single mother and four siblings and my latest book is set to be revealed whenever the urge hits me to reveal it.

My contact information is found here.