Uncommon Request


Dear Reader,

As of now, I find myself asking for an uncommon request. I am asking for someone to help me insert a new theme into this blog as the way WordPress’ desktop app works, I can’t install it. Even after watching a couple of easy install videos.

Will someone help me?

I am looking to install a theme that will make this site as I start the reconstruction of novels, reviews, et cetera. I will be purchasing quite a few stories that are listed on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and am looking for more .epubs and paperbacks in the following genres: Mystery, Thriller, Romance, Paranormal, Literature, Urban, and Horror for adults and will be accepting those including Dystopian, Urban, and a few more in Teen Fiction.


This site will be undergoing major changes. I will be removing some pages and adding a few more and I promise it will be worth it. I just need someone to truly want to help me out.

Yes, I did say buy. A friend of mines over at New York Times works in the review department and will be forwarding me the .pdf files on some of their Bestselling books  Those reviews will be going up as well. Just scratch out the above genres listed if you would like a review for your own, contact me with a time stamp of when you would like it done and I will get to it, but not until I fix this site which has totally shot to hell.

Your story does not have to be perfect to be reviewed but I will say if it does need edits and what types as well as give a one through five rating review with a new system I am designing through Photoshop. Wattpad members with finished stories are welcome to submit their links for review. I will forward the review over to you, no matter what.

Until next time,

Your writer