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pur·ga·tion — /ˌpərˈgāSHən/ — Noun
01. The purification or cleansing of someone or something.
02. (in Roman Catholic doctrine) The spiritual cleansing of a soul in purgatory.
purification – purge – catharsis

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If doing something right when forced to do something wrong, what would you do to remain as you are?

In the near future, unemployment rates are at 1%, crime is at an all-time low, the economy is more stable than ever. This is because the Republic of Cidee has enacted a program called “The Purge”, an annual 12-hour period on March 10 when all criminal activity, including murder, is legal. Emergency services are suspended. Hospitals are closed. Nothing is against the law.

“The Purge” was created as a form of national catharsis, a chance for each citizen to release their pent-up rage in hopes of keeping crime rates low for the rest of the year.

Only, what good will this do for those unable to kill just for the hell of it?

Above is the basis of an idea for a novel. Throughout the following months I plan to plot, outline, and write this. It is the first story to begin a chronicle of novels following the residents of Euan, a planet once known as Earth that is now a waterworld hosting a giant supercontinent with contents that are either desert-like or freezing.

While this story is being written, I will be dropping hints as to what happens next, the climbing word count, et cetera. I might also reveal a new cover as the one I’ve created doesn’t exactly do its job very well and I will be also writing a paranormal romance just for my Wattpad Followers which means you will have to Follow me to read it. It is only fair.

While I’m embarking on this journey back into writing, I hope that most of my readers, followers, fans will understand that I do have both medical and personal problems that can pull me away just as quick as I wish to begin writing again and if they can’t well… I won’t be continuing with this entirely nice attitude. I am not a very nice person to begin with.

As for updates. Well, I haven’t begun reading the books I mentioned in the post before last. I will be taking reading request for any author, writer, et cetera and I will be giving my honest opinion as bluntly kind as possible but my words will not be censored.

If you’re looking for a reviewer, send me an e-mail, message or whatever else you can do to get in touch with me. I am currently open to submissions on editing projects as well. My limit at this time is five editing projects 500 to 250 thousand words in length and there will be no limit on reading request, I usually get to them rapidly. Just know that it is first come, first serve. Cover request are always open and at this time you can choose from any stock image you provide or if needed, I will provide one. Note that I will only be doing romance and simple mystery/thriller or horror covers for the images I provide.

With that in mind, please feel free to contact me about anything addressed in this blog post or if you have a question. Questions are always welcome.

Until next time,

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