Website Hallover


Dear readers,

It’s me, again.

I know, depressing…

This blog will be getting a hallover. The theme should stay the same but I’m looking to make it look more like me. Just, without me.

You know what I mean.

I’ll be doing the reconstructing. Blogs should only be tweaked by their owners and yada-yah but thank you to all the readers, non-existent commenters and those who have followed me. I am extremely grateful that you guys chose to share my thoughts with me.

If any of you are writers, please feel free to link me to your site in the comments. You know, down there. ↓↓↓ Or to a particular site where you’d want me to read your book! As long as I don’t have to pay for it!

I am starting to do in depth reviews and would be glad to be a beta-reader, partial editor, or just venting source for any one of you because I know what it’s like. Currently, I’m planning a series of post-apocalyptic America and it isn’t going to be with anyone expects. Dystopians need a turn-around because they’re becoming predictable!

With that said, I’ll be reading J. R. Ward’s Lover at Last and James Rollins’ The Blood Gospel that is co-written with Rebecca Cantrell before moving on to the first three books of John Verdon’s Dave Gurney Series (Think of a Number, Shut Your Eyes Tight, & Let The Devil Sleep). Let it be said that I don’t read a book’s reviews first because my opinion differs from anyone elses.

I also design covers, no I’m not advertising but it’s my site and I can do as I please so with that said, if you’re in need of one, have a cover type in mind, link me it, tweet me it, et cetera, et cetera or I can provide one and no, I do not charge. I should though. 😉

Thank you guys for reading (listening), and if you have a design type in mind (colour scheme), let me know, I’m open to all suggestions and yes, this is one of those laid-back post. I’m currently sick and hating every second of it.

— Toni