Dear Reader,

Pictures tell a story. They can tell of pain, pleasure, horror, or glee and for the longest time, I’ve been caught in a stage where I trap myself into helping others paint. I plan so many stories with wonderful ideas but do not know where to begin. I continue to make a break of it but repeatedly am dragged back in. It’s tiring, it’s depressing and I feel as if I’m letting other’s down.

Now, dear reader, our thoughts are a smash of colour, decisions, and small hopes that we subconsciously wish to be truth. Writers write because the find themselves day dreaming of fanciful characters and odd things. Writing fiction is a persons way of seeing things through their eyes and how one wishes to see it. Warlocks, Wizards, Gypsies, Vampires, Werewolves, Mermaid…. all became some part of our minds through the past and as they say, in fiction, there is some fact. In fact, for all we know the fiction could indeed be the fact and fact could be the fiction. No, I am not psychotic, I just look at the world differently.

As so, I’ve decided to make a tale of my fun in writing. Writing has not been very fun to me as of late and I do not appreciate it. As a member of Wattpad, I know I should be posting but have you ever had a time where when you tried to write, it seemed as if your head was too full to completely understand what you were writing. Dear reader, you will be my outlet. What I write, I will post on Wattpad and it will be tagged #Wordpress. If you’d like to leave me a comment, please do on either site. It would be much appreciated. If you wouldn’t well…. thanks for reading, it makes me feel that much better that I’ve rid myself of someone who doesn’t understand that a writer must have their own voice. Then again, stick around because writing a certain way does not stand throughout different stories or genres.

Lorsque vous placez votre cœur dans vos mains, on finit par saigner à mort.

Until we meet again dear reader,