The Watty Awards


Dear Reader,

Most of you should know about the Watty Awards, an anual award contest hosted by Wattpad Enterprises that is based in Canada. Today is the last day to vote and though I am not participating, I do have a favour to ask. I ask you to vote (you don’t have to have an account) for Paranormal: On the Rise: Endless Bounds and ask everyone you know to vote for it as well.

The story is written by a really good friend of mines, Avery Duncan who deserves to win and I personally believe that the story in the lead should not be. It is a One Direction fan fic and would never have a chance to be published. I am soliciting you to help me, help her, win. You will enjoy her stories and her funny, if not sarcastic personality.

Please don’t think about it, VOTE, then you can read and vote some more from your cell, Private Browsers, and any tablet or other internet capable device and ask your friends to do it as well. In return, I’m writing two to three more short sets. It’s not a bribe (although I’d allow you to pick your choose of what you’d like in order for this to happen), but it’s important to me and to her as well.


Clear you browsing history if you have to so that she may win. A real post will follow afterwards. xD.

Yours truly,

T. K.