Dear Reader,

I find myself trapped between the folds of a madman’s mind and beneath the stench of stale cigar smoke hosting a rancid odour. If not for the thoughts of my all too interested mind in the subject of futuristic cataclysmal change, I might simply drop from the obscure thoughts that run rampant through my brain. Chilling, but I have only uttered truth.

I have a disassociation of myself and the mind that controls my characters. Perhaps I am more dangerous than I ever presumed but danger comes at a price, yes? Something within the realms of my all too incisive mind tell me that I am nothing but a mere vessel in which numerous personalities dwell. As a writer and as a person, I am undeniably schizophrenic.

I’ll have truth be known that my characters are quite intelligent, rather mad or not and by mad I mean contumacious. The are rebellious and I rejoice in the fact that they have real personalities and are not simply a sparkling cider of pure joy. Evil is not the cause of feigned thoughts but the cause for such destructive thinking. Evil is not justified but learned and in this, we must all wonder of our evil thoughts.

I suppose you want to know the reason the title of the post in in deed Writing and as so, I’ll humour you. Today, I had a very intriguing argument on Wattpad with Beejay1231. His pompous ass made me think of the reasons we write and how we tend to do it. By calling him pompous, please know that we had a stimulating conversation that I found frustrating. He frustrates me and I enjoy it. Very much so that I believe I’ll bug the bugger until he blocks me. Irritating though he may be, I’ll risk the chance of sounding childish as I say, he started it. Which he did! Men and women older in age than myself often argue but for once, I didn’t feel the superior. I felt equal and as that is why I have to give him a very big thank you.

My writing isn’t spectacular and it may not even be sub-par but I am an editor and I am better adjusted to fixing the imagination into riddles more so than spinning the tale it began with as simple words meant easily to understand. Third Person Omniscient or TPO is my genre and I gladly relish in penning it. I’m no simpleton but neither am I the greatest. We do our best to try and that is all we can ask in return. Besides, as Mr. Know It All or Carmesi placed so kindly, the world is a nexus or lies and obscurities and what we best believe is that what we know as truth, can in fact be what is false.

Psychosis is not a novel of the psych. It’s a novel of what is real and how we tend to strike back with deviated minds. It’s true story is that it has no storyline and no plot. I am not a plotter. I write down a short description of how I’d like the chapter to go and two quotes I know the main focus of the chapter will say. From there, I work my way around it. Plotting is excruciating and plotting doesn’t necessarily give you your desired outcome. I call it Preview and that’s what it is. My preview into the chapter of a character that I will begin my journey into.

In writing, a chapter may take an hour, a day, a week, or month but a chapter will be formed and a mountain can’t be formed out of a molehill. If a chapter is meant to be short, it will be short. No ifs and or buts about it. You are more than likely tired of my rambling so let me finish this post quickly as possible but with enough to fill you in.

When I thought of Psychosis, I thought of the cover first. I always think of the cover before I make the book. This is more than likely how i always know what I’m going to write and when I’m going to write it. I don’t conform to the standards that Wattpad and their evil little minions known as enforcers stick to. I call them enforcers but not so much effectively as irritated. Uploads will come when they come and that is what you should appreciate. Rather short or long, you should know that Word or Pages and Wattpad have two different types of length and Wattpad’s is lengthier. Besides that point, Psychosis does have romance in it. I’m a sucker for wild love scenes and just a bit of tenderness. Don’t let that fool you, I like blood, suspense, and not the normal. It’s paranormal people and written for those not faint of heart. There’s one question I have to answer about every story I’m considering starting and here it is:

What are three words that best subscribe the idea of your story?

Mysterious :: Sexy :: Psychotic

Now, if it wasn’t so bloody hot and my boss wasn’t such an asshole, I’d continue this post even though I am rambling. He just wants me to edit the new story that came across my desk. I’ve got a Skype meeting at 2 and another at 3:30 and I’ll be lucky to grab a slice of the beautiful and delicious Sweet Street‘s desert that was overnighted to me. And damn, am I hungry.

Until next time!