Fine Stories


Dear Reader,

On the popular e-book social network, Wattpad, plenty of the adult categorized stories are smut. There isn’t so much plot as the focus of the actual sexual act. It’s porn for women who want some semblance of romance with trashy lines and lots of grunting. Smite me if you will, it’s the truth. My topic of address today is Fine Stories because on this brilliant site I’ve stumbled across, a lot of the adult themed romance is in fact, smut.

In writing the adult theme, it is written to have more sexual encounters than that of a well-played romance novel. It should be something spicy but have really intimate cool down moments. Dark Lover by J. R. Ward was praised for this but her female characters had no true depth. It is expected in the romance world in general but what makes a truly depth-filled title is a character with a true personality and a crowd of splendid details. The well written, ‘soft blonde hair’ could be easily rewritten as ‘lustrous golden tresses.’ The details define the character and the same amount of words give a better visual.

I am no English teacher but I believe the grammar one uses in their story combined with simple details and a flowing syntax gives the story a better chance of being liked, if not loved. Slang, abbreviations, and punctuations should not be overused. Sometimes a well defined point should just be left as a sentence. The formats of writing describe you characters and your writing can make them or break them.

First person point of view stories are often wrongly used in certain tales. Romance should never be told in first person, as example. The reason one rights romance in first person is because the want to feel what their supposed character feels. They’re putting themself into the place of the person telling the story. I don’t like that and that’s where a writer messes up in their early career. In fact, few genres can be written in such a way where as the first person is not interconnected but an observation. Third person-omniscient is the way to go and certainly an easy way not to spill the beans before the can is open.

Erotica, even by adult authors is often bland and sickening. We understand that it is a story for sex and sex only and question me curious but, erotica was originally the story of nymphomaniacs and their festering love for their feigned partner. This is how it was and how it should be. The species does not matter and before we even go into that, they are a race, just as we are a race.

In developing stories of romance, we often forget to add something besides the characters care for one another and that makes for a sappy love story and some of us are so enthralled with the love scenes that we forget about the surrounding foes. This is a B.A.D. (Boring and Destroyed) story in the making. It will be destroyed before it even begins.

In writing, we learn things about ourselves that we never thought to know. We discover our likes, our fears, our truths. In writing, we are the same as a drunk speaking without pause. Truths. Write what you know and write what you like can be two separate things. Writing what you create, well, isn’t that the emancipation of humanity.

Keep strong, and strive on, it takes you places.

Always & Forever!