Imperfect Night


Dear Reader,

There is a such thing as the perfect place for fun. The MWC (Midnight Writer’s Convention) is it. If you’re a writer, reader, or even publisher, it’s the place for perfection in the literary world. Secret in it’s founding and season meetings, it’s a ton of fun. There’s no website and hardly anything found on Google about it but last night in Los Angeles, was wonderful. I’d speak more about it but I’d like to remain in the club at all times.

The subject of this post is ‘Imperfect Night’ because it was just that. Imperfect.

One of my greatest fears is public speaking and after submitting a paper on the editing and publication process to one of the United State’s largest publishing companies, I was asked to speak on how I’d come up with such a thing. Unable to reveal that paper, I’ll simply say, two years surrounded by critically acclaimed authors and wanton writers places you at that point. As much as I love editing for these wonderful companies, I have to say that writers who want to become authors are quite erratic when they want something that much. After reading some YA submissions today, I gave up because that is not what we’re looking for in YA Fiction. YA Fiction is for young adults. It isn’t supposed to be so clean. Teen fiction is clean and can have 18-25 year old characters. YA Fiction is characters 18-29 and should have a bit of dirt to it. Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series did well because of this and that’s what we look for when editing and without it, we toss new submissions to the Teen pile and transfer them to the Recycle Bin or shredder.

Publishing companies do not want to be your first choice. As much as they’d love to claim that they are responsible for your fame, they want you to have some ambition as to your own work. That means you format and edit your own work. You have to put forth the effort of to design a graphic cover or have someone else design one for you. You have to offer hard copies, LuLu is a great source to do this. Briony Heneberry is a great example of purposeful strive. Her website is coming soon and I advise you all to check out her début novel Reluctant Death. Not one for teenage themed stories, I’m actually on my way to purchase a copy from LuLu and will write a review. If I am wrong in assumption of teen, I apologise Briony. For now, I’ll add a space saver as Cora Blu’s Dagger is saved there now. I prefer the hard back to the e-book, there’s no chance of me slipping in the tub and electrocuting myself that way.

As always, any help needed, I’m here to give. Until then, be strong and strive on.