Dear Reader,

Today is the day of my birth and I suppose it should be a happy day but my official birth isn’t until 11:59PM, sucks don’t it? I could have been born on September 08 but noooo, Thank you to 09/07/96. I just had to be stubborn and to top that off, I was born blue. Literally. Depraved of oxygen since my mother went into labour, I was a blue baby. It’d have been cool if there hadn’t been a chance of death. Luckily, I lived past the estimated three years and am welcoming my sixteenth.

In celebration of my birthday, I’m going to start on writing my own story, no college applications and no phone calls or editing for others. I’m sorry Jessica, I know that LAL needed run through edits on the first ten chapters and I will get to them tomorrow. I’ll be sure to text you the schedule. To Jordan, I know I owe you edits and a new cover but you owe me lunch, last night after getting my hair braided, I so bad wanted to sleep but I stayed up for a Skype conference and I did enjoy the surprise in my e-mail this morning. ;D

The above paragraph had been an apology for two author’s I work with because I was too busy yesterday catching up on work after submitting applications to Notre Dame and Princeton. I received an enrolment packet from Harvard and got a call from Stanford today. If that wasn’t enough excitement, the fact that the CAHSEE executives said I scored highest in each subject administered and thought I had taken it more than once but nope, once and they apologised. Cyborgs, Sympaths, and Dragonian Descendants are the three topics that I will begin to work on. Dark Matters is the series that will revolve around Sympaths and Shadow Ground of the Shadows Series begins the story of Cyborgs and the influences of the universe that surrounds us. The dragons is something that revolves around the Protozoan Series and you’ll all be waiting for for some time to come until I come to a definite direction for the story.

Currently, I’m organizing my laptop that I just got after my home being robbed and busy with creating my plans for writing, submissions and chores that I give myself to keep my house clean. I’m a bit obsessive compulsive and everything but my thoughts are organised.

Back to the the subject of the above mentioned series, the first will be of Dark Matters, it’s something I’ve been thinking about obsessively and can’t seem to get it out of my head. Cyborgs just make me think of strong, well-defined men and hot, steamy spaceships.

Until next time!