Wicked Reader


Dear Reader,

With the launch of this site, I’ve decided to complete the designing, it’s fairly easy with WordPress and I find I like it.It’s nothing grand like some other sites but its mines because I made it mines. I won’t blog everyday and I won’t be on here 24/7/365 but I would like to try to keep a regular update system going.

I’ll be posting relevant information that Publishing Agents and companies like Samhain, St. Martin’s Press, Harlequin, and Hachette Book Group look for and at while considering their choices. Editors and Agents alike hate some of the over repetitive, wordy crap and that a first lesson, do not be wordy but pack enough information in little pieces into each chapter as you can that lets it maintain it’s interest. I had to add that into this post because on Wattpad, I’ve been reading quite a bit of that and I’ve just stopped. I put up with some of the best author’s all day but it’s us editors that make the text what it is. I read so much crap, I’m not going to do so any more.

Wicked Reader was originally to be a review site and you’ll see that it will have reviews, I’ve actually made a few and have to catch up with another couple from my purchases on Amazon Kindle for iPad. Mostly ranging in the interracial and paranormal romance categories, I wisely chose to stick to my comfort and paranormal multicultural romance is my comfort though I’ll read basically anything, beside garbage.

Third person omniscient point-of-view is my favourite and if you’d like me to review and/or help you edit, I’d be glad to but you do have to give me some time frame in which you need it done.

I basically blog about the literary world and books I will be reading or am reading but don’t let that deter you, I assure you everything I writer has some value to myself or I would not share such mundane thoughts.

Y’all have a good evening!